Get the Right People for Right Positions

Job Benchmarks to Compare skills and find skills gaps

Ensure the job and the candidate fit


We can help fill your open positions based on the latest job benchmarking technology. Get the right people for the positions. Create a job benchmark based on your current successful employees and compare candidates to make the hiring more effective and accurate! We benchmark the job, not people!

Moser RMA Learning specializes in training programs that address the issues found at the intersection of human development and IT technology. RMA was founded in 1995 by Lou Russell and was acquired by Moser Consulting in 2017. Russell Martin & Associates design and deliver business learning experiences, specializing in Project Management, Leadership, and Teams. Because we believe that training is often just part of the solution to business problems, we incorporate TTI Success Insights assessment tools and a huge array of services and products to help your employees become more productive. We flex our services to your specific needs.




Our clients tell us that our fun, yet professional approach makes us unique. We develop engaging interventions that make a positive impact.




From multi-state, multi-level educational conferences to project management interventions to short-notice leadership strategic planning sessions, Russell Martin & Associates has been consulting with businesses -- large and small -- for over 20 years.




RMA's comprehensive understanding of the challenges in the workplace allows us to help businesses learn and improve. We work with individuals, teams and top management to identify problems, develop strategies, and implement change quickly.




We have numerous success stories of how we have helped businesses jump to the next level in productivity and efficiency. By tackling the tough issues that block growth, we deliver measurable improvement seen in increased employee performance and retention.

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