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October 15, 2021

Banishing the SCARY SHOULDS

It’s October! Do you know WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE?


“Let the wild rumpus start!” ― Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are


Many of you with children of almost any age might be familiar with Where the Wild Things Are (1963) by Maurice Sendak. In my house, we wore out 2 copies as both of my children LOVED the book and the voices that Mom and Dad read it in!


Remember I(magination) x V(ividness)=R(eality). 


I challenge you to go a step further and think about how children approach problems like Max did - with CURIOSITY and with little thought to what SHOULD happen. After all, Max misbehaved and was sent to his room. He imagined time passing, sailing to his own island, and becoming a KING of the wild things. Not a problem!


What might happen if you let your imagination run wild on a particularly gnarly problem you have? Perhaps a work project just keeps going out of control and you have done everything you SHOULD do. 


Change Your Narrative


Here’s an idea - change your narrative – imagine a best-case scenario instead. A quick exercise we use is “Imagine receiving an award 3 years from now on the wild success of your project. You have been asked to help write the article to be featured in the next issue of a famous publication. What will that article say about your project – what made it successful? What was the impact on the business?” This can be in any form you want, alone, or with a project team but give it a try to help unstick yourself and/or your team out of the SHOULDS.


After all, Max SHOULD have just stayed in his room. Instead, he went to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE!


Be like Max!


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