March 06, 2018

Where did all the Strategy go?

Not too many years ago, we used to work out our strategy in November for the next year. We created an annual plan to integrate our products/services with the newsletter and social media. Each quarter had a theme, and each month we sent two emails – the LearningFlash newsletter at the start of the month (obsessively I demanded it go out as close to the 1st as possible) and the 15th, we pushed a mailing with the workshops and consulting we were working on that month, a special deal on something, and sometimes some inspiring content.

Here’s where I am right now. I struggle to get the newsletter out on the 1st. I did manage to type up some themes for each quarter, but I’ve already switched some around. I just finished up the ‘Agile’ quarter, although none of the three topics were planned in advance. I had no idea what to do this quarter. I realized I have been neglecting strategy and have become completely addicted to the operations of now. Now I know what to write!

Adapting from philosopher George Santayana, I believe that "Those who cannot remember to prioritize strategy are condemned to repeat the same dumb mistakes." The incredible change and churn of technology and businesses today ensure that we cannot keep doing the same things for very long. Without a strategy, you’re stuck in a rut and out the door. Join me here for some resources and tips on how to be strategic when the world is operational

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