by Lou Russell

June 01, 2021

The Month of Cicadas


Here in Fishers, Indiana, we are finally seeing the Cicadas. If you haven’t heard (how is that possible?), Cicadas spend years underground, and certain ‘broods’ come out every 13 to 17 years. “Brood X” are visiting us now, and they will appear in 14 states across the Midwest and upper East Coast. We’ve had a cold spring until recently, and the Cicadas need the soil to be a consistent temperature of 64 degrees 8 inches below the surface. 


That’s the end of the road for these adult Cicadas, and their offspring will dig into the earth as their parents did and come back another 13 to 17 years from now. We’ve also had a tough time with COVID and quarantine, and like the new Cicadas, we are slowly coming out of our ‘hole.' With shots, carefulness, and relief, we are learning what our new life will be and this will take time.


Emotional Intelligence


I’ve become pretty attached to my face mask. Turns out we didn’t get any other illnesses this year partially because of the masks. Going into a crowded store (which most still require a mask), it’s likely not a bad thing to keep all the germs away with the mask. 


We have experienced a considerable degree of fear, worry, and concern for almost 18 months. This stress and anxiety can and has impacted everything we do. We’d like to think that we have it all under control, but emotional intelligence teaches us that loneliness, stress, and fear shuts you down. The five capacities of emotional intelligence are:


SELF AWARENESS knowing and noticing how you feel I AM AWARE OF MY FEELINGS
SELF REGULATION knowing and noticing how to keep yourself from negative thoughts I AM A POSITIVE PERSON
EMPATHY understanding and sharing the feelings of another I SEE OTHERS
SOCIAL AWARENESS noticing other peoples’ responses I SEE THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS
SOCIAL REGULATION managing your reactions to others I CARE FOR OTHERS


Your brain is always looking for outside threats, working hard to protect you. But the brain can misinterpret the issue and severity and take you out for hours. Once in this ‘mode’, your brain only allows you to FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE. To avoid giving up your energy for hours, manage the different types of emotional intelligence to grow your ability to NOTICE and CHOOSE – NOTICE that your body and brain are changing slightly and CHOOSING what you are going to do about that. 




The Cicadas are following their path diligently outside my front window.  Like a Cicada, I have ‘launched’ my children. We all have limited time; from the day we are born. The important question is ‘what will we do with this time?’. Think about what wonderful gift you will give to the world next. What needs to be dusted away? What needs to bloom and grow? In this month, what are you going to discover as you NOTICE and CHOOSE?

A poem from

13 years
in the dirt,
dreaming of
light and love.
then rebirth
under the stars,
into a night filled
with harmony.


Lou Russell

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