by Lou Russell

April 01, 2021



The idea that you are limited as a learner, or that you are not a good learner has been disproved by many people including Thomas Armstrong, the author of the book Seven Kinds of Smart. He found that there are at least seven ways of ‘knowing’, and since then there have been three more. The more ways we can learn to process our thoughts, the more intelligence we have at our disposal. Here’s the original list:


Emotional: Motivated, self-aware, and socially aware with others


Linguistic: Prefers to read, interact with words


Logical-Mathematical: Prefers calculations, math, games


Spatial: Prefers physical sports, moving, new skills


Musical: Sing, music, may have a tune in your head when you walk


Interpersonal: Prefers to be with people, give advice, ask for help


Intrapersonal: Prefers spending time alone, goal setter, realistic


What is your kind of smart? Which others would you benefit from growing?


Lou Russell

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