October 31, 2017

November 2017 LearningFlash: Transitioning to AGILE

In the television show “The 70s Show”, Dad went to work and Mom stayed at home cleaning and cooking. But things were changing and the children grew up with new ways of thinking. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll notice that both the parents and teens seem to have endless time on their hands. Compare that to your normal day at work now.

As the world speeds up, work gets more chaotic. Email and social media consume us. Our projects are more like Flashmobs – people come together temporarily for a meeting, argue without resolution, then leave for the next meeting. What tools make sense if our work and world look like a Flashmob?

Universally, we feel overwhelmed at work, teetering on the edge of complete failure. Even at home, we can barely keep up with what needs to be done, or we're too exhausted from work to do anything. Leave your cell phone in another room and you’ll likely have a withdrawal. My project management students tell me the same: all are juggling multiple projects and need multiple people to help them get the projects done. Completely matrixed, the people we need are also juggling multiple projects. Done is usually managed by a due date, not a quality deliverable. We feel guilty about our inability to make an impact but no one else is doing any better. There’s comfort in shared dysfunction. What can be done to be more effective? How do we individually work with email, social media, multiple applications, distracted stakeholders, and aggressive projects? Check out our November ideas in this newsletter. 

SPECIAL THANKS to Moser marketing wonders Malinda and Natalie for help with our newly designed newsletter (might have brought you here) and other pieces. They rock.

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