by Lou Russell

April 01, 2021



Your brain is using Emotional Intelligence to watch you all the time. The minute your brain/body feels that something is out of place, your Emotional Intelligence quickly ramps up a strong response to protect you from the perceived danger. Quickly, the brain blocks every part of the brain except for FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE. There’s evidence that it takes less than a minute for the brain to shut everything down, leaving you unable to ‘see’. In addition, the brain stays shut down, preventing you from thinking clearly again for a minimum of 30 minutes and sometimes a full day. 


Think of a time when you were getting nervous that one of your children was not home yet. You could feel your brain reinforcing your thoughts with FIGHT, FLIGHT, and FREEZE. When in that mode, you are ‘blind’ to everything around you. Lucky for us, we can learn to stay socially aware and regulated with practice. 


Of course, there are tragic things that happen to us beyond our control. When this occurs, it is best to get to a quiet place where you can process. FREEZE is sometimes the best thing to do. 


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Lou Russell

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