by Lou Russell

March 01, 2021

Never Give Up

Like most of us, we secretly assumed that the dumb COVID thing would be over by the end of 2020. Surely, we could NOT have another year of COVID!? Oh well. Slowly but surely with no other choice, we are adjusting to the new norms – we put on our masks, we stay a distance from others, and we can still go out to eat and visit friends carefully. I work for Moser Consulting, and the Moser team jumped on everything that needed to be done to make us safe at work or at home. My husband and I will get our second COVID shot next week, and after two weeks we’re hoping to be able to visit our east coast family members. Weddings are starting to be planned again.

This week, I taught my 2-day virtual workshop called Strategic Leadership. In this workshop, teams participate in a business simulation, competing for budget. The goal of this workshop is for each leader to reflect and build their personal leadership through the trials of this experience. Varying between profiles and simulation, the leaders find themselves frustrated at the start but so proud at the end. Could it be that learning can occur, perhaps even more strongly, through a hybrid delivery and an amazing producer? I saw it happen this week. We can get very close to simulating a face-to-face learning experience with flexibility, collaboration, and laughing at the things that go wrong. Just like in a face-to-face class.


Our pivots and our journey reminded me of the classic Hero’s Journey story: 

Someone shows up and perhaps falls in love

Bad people make the whole thing a mess

The hero and heroine find a helper

Everything turns out fine and they live happily ever after. 


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that March means St. Patrick’s Day, again the story of a Hero’s Journey. If you can go to Ireland, it is amazing. The people are very friendly to visitors and a little ‘nip’ is always offered. They are masters of poems and stories. This image is classic Irish philosophy: 




Keep your wee eyes open for the mid-month March newsletter complete with Irish singers, Irish riddles, Irish recipes, and Irish jokes.

Na leig às gu bràth. Never Give Up!


Lou Russell

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