by Lou Russell

February 01, 2021

Meet the Job Standards

86% of hires did not meet job standards

The Job Benchmark drives accountability, provides performance clarity, and eliminates bias that could exist when matching to Top Performers. It is hard to deny that bias is present during the hiring process. It’s tempting to hire an applicant with great interviewing skills or an extensive resume. Falling prey to the biases of social skills and past experiences rarely translate to successful performance on the job. In fact, one study done at Michigan State found that only 14% of hires made based on a positive interview became successful employees. Put another way, 86% of hires that had a great interview did not meet job standards.

Although applicants can seem like a great fit in an interview, it may be due to compatible communication styles and personality traits with the interviewer, not job fit. Combining the Job Benchmark with structured interviews and a resume will mitigate these biases and objectify the decision-making process. Each candidate is compared to the Job Benchmark via an online assessment. Comparisons with the job are made using the Job Talent Gap Report. This report clarifies the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, comparing them to the Job Benchmark. When combined with a structured interview and resume review, this more complete analysis allows for an accurate depiction of the potential success of the new hire in your workplace.

It's tempting to think that you can predict the work of another person, and usually you can’t. Our process for hiring and career planning using the Job Benchmark includes:

  • Recruiting candidates
  • Interviewing candidates (cultural and technical in our case)
  • Comparing the candidate to the appropriate Job Benchmark
  • Identifying the job fit for the candidate.

Here are samples of some of the data that comes from the Job Benchmark process:



In summary, the Job Benchmark process is critical to combat bias and streamline efforts when determining the requirements for a specific position in a specific organization. As a Hiring Manager, you will not only know the strengths of the new employee but also how to onboard and develop. The Job Talent Comparison Report provides you with ‘eyes wide open’. 


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