by Lou Russell

February 01, 2021

Job Benchmarks: Match the Person to the Job

Behavioral science studies tell us that we make judgments on people about their intelligence, trustworthiness, smartness, and status within a mere few seconds of meeting them. These “gut” decisions prove to be the least successful in predicting career success. Being mindful of your own biases is the first step to becoming a good hiring manager or people leader. If you want to be a great hiring manager, you need to know how to assess someone’s fit for a job despite your personal biases and follow a structured approach to the interview and assessment process.

The main goal of recruiting for any competitive company is the need to identify qualified candidates who match the job as quickly as possible. The process includes behavioral, motivational, and competency-based needs.

We start our hiring process by identifying and understanding the driving needs and motivations for the role through job descriptions followed by structured interviews and behavioral assessments. Job Benchmarking gives people-leaders the tools to become great hiring managers by providing structure to the hiring process and insight into the key indicators for performance success.


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