January 01, 2020

January 2021 Newsletter - In Between

At the start of 2021, we are still stuck In Between. We still feel fuzzy, separated, isolated, lost, and incomplete. Days are bad and good and Everything In Between. We still have masks (I hope) and we don’t care anymore whether it’s fancy or plain– it’s just In Between.

I was listening to a country song that sounded like 2020-going-into-2021 called In Between by Scott McCreery:

“...wondering who I am and where I’m at, just holding down the middle, steady as I go, I ain’t all holy water and I ain’t all Jim Beam, I’m someplace In Between...”

Here’s an interesting fact about the phrase In Between - it can show up as an adjective (situated between two extremes or categories) and/or a noun (successes, failures, and in-between). Though clearly a versatile phase, to me In Between means you’re trapped in the middle with no way back and no way forward. The pictures you see in this newsletter are also In Between.

It’s exhausting to not be somewhere. I have not been able to get used to it. In this newsletter, I’ve shared a few In Between thoughts with pictures. Visualize someplace you want to be. We’ve spent much time pushing these emotions away. Let’s take a leap into the future side of In Between and design what makes us happy. Pandemic or not, let’s stop waiting and move to the next phase.

As you read this, I would love to see your thoughts about coming out of 2020. Email me at .

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