by Lou Russell

April 01, 2021

Growing SMART


For the last few newsletters, we have been talking about how people are getting through, thriving, or disappearing. Now that I have been vaccinated for COVID-19, it feels like things are not back to normal, but I am hopeful. This is a good time to look at just how amazing our brain has been working to help us cope with the constant pivots of the last year. 


And finally, it is April and flowers are beginning to raise their heads. This is a great month of rebirth and renewal to think about how you can leverage your multiple intelligences in everything you do.


Nancy Margulies is an incredible writer, artist, and gifted at graphic Mind Maps ( She has written interactive comics to show us more about what is happening inside our brains, and one of these is INSIDE Brian’s Brain. Use these ideas about learning to prepare for your next amazing journey. 


Your brain is a combination of what you were born with and what happens to you after you were born. Some people think your intelligence comes from your parent's genes, but your brain is always changing as you have experienced it. Use it or Lose it does apply to your brain. The more you learn, the more you do, the more your brain grows and makes connections. This makes you smarter at any age.


Throughout our lives, we build our brains through our thoughts, actions, and the information we take in from our senses. Nerve cells, or neurons, are what enable our brain to make new connections and communicate with itself and your whole body. We each have approximately 100 billion neurons in our brain. These neurons form a neural network that is constantly growing and changing. Neurons vary, like people do, in how they communicate, who they must reach, their goals and skills. Like us, the neurons grow through practice in their ability to connect and communicate. If your blood pressure gets too high, it is the brain stem that sends a message that decreases the heart’s activities and relaxes the muscles in the walls of the blood vessels. This part of the brain carries out survival functions automatically. It’s your life support.


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