by Lou Russell

October 18, 2011

Games to Make You Work at Home

Here's an interesting thought for the day from St. Luke Methodist's newsletter (Indy): "Letting Go" Fall Theme Did you know that leaves don't really fall off trees? They're actually intentionally let go by the tree. Here's your shortened science lesson for the day: leaves make the food that helps the tree thrive. However, during the winter, growth slows down and the leaves no longer serve a purpose. If they stayed around, they'd die on the tree, and then when spring came around, there'd be no food for the tree and, well, you get the point. So instead, when the weather starts to turn, the tree produces a hormone that creates abscission cells -- or cells that basically cut. The connection between the leaves and the tree is weakened, a nice breeze comes along, and, voila! The leaves fall, which then triggers the sale of trash bags by students across the country. Think about how and why letting go might be one of the healthiest things you can do.

Lou Russell

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