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December 01, 2021

Angels Among Us

It’s close to the end of the year, and it’s the time when there are many angels among us. It’s very difficult to ‘catch’ an angel - they move very quickly. Here are some angels in Indiana who are moving very quickly with JOY.

"We have a wonderful community with some huge hearts - a very loving and giving community,” shared Cindy McCreery, a Salvation Army volunteer in Lawrence County Indiana. Last year, the response to the annual Salvation Army Tree ministry in her community helped 80 children and families. Last year Cindy, her husband, and a volunteer served 300 people. They also coordinated utility and rental assistance while partnering with other agencies to fill gaps for local residents.

One individual, Joey, shared with Cindy that he and his two brothers were on the list to receive Christmas help every year while they were in school. His mother did her best, but they always needed help around the holidays. Now, as an adult, Joey was so grateful that he was able to purchase gifts for other children on the Angel Tree.

“We have volunteers that are excited to be back out ringing bells for the Red Kettle and we anticipate having another huge year with Angel Tree." Drop by and drop some love this month at the grocery stores nearest you.

I’m sure you are busy getting gifts for others, figuring out who’s coming home, and waiting for snow. But sometimes in the Holiday Season, things don’t turn out quite right. Let’s start with this interesting ornament.



Well, it could be worse. How about this adventure bringing the tree home? Darn gravity!


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And yet another interesting gift. I could think a long time to figure out how this was possible. 



Last, but not least, I’m pretty sure some parents gave peas to this little girl for Christmas as a joke. Or was it Scrooge??!



So, just in case you are feeling a little overwhelmed with Christmas, remember that the true meaning of the season is...


A Christmas Blessing

During this Christmas season,

May you be blessed

With the spirit of the season,

which is peace,

The Gladness of the season,

which is hope,

And the heart of the season,

which is love.

– John Greenleaf Whittier


Sleep in heavenly peace...

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