February 02, 2018

Action Plan

The Trimetrix EQ assessment made up of Job Competencies, DISC, Motivators, and EQ is an invaluable communication tool to drive collaboration in Agile teams. Create a Team Insights report that allows each person to remember not only their own preferences but those of others. Have coaches available to facilitate the journey to go from hierarchical control to the new Agile approaches. Leverage all four of these sciences to create a strong, compliant model for communication. Keep these important differentiators in mind as you move forward:

Job Competencies            Can be grown through training, coaching, etc.
DISC                                  Natural Style doesn’t change quickly; Adapted Style can be changed
Motivators                         Motivators tend to stay constant
EQ                                      Emotions can be easily grown like a muscle
If you’d like to learn more about this approach to jumpstarting Agile teams, please contact Lou at

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