by Lou Russell

June 15, 2021

A Matrix for Your Future Work


Welcome to summer from Moser RMA! For the Mid-Month Newsletter, I have an amazing surprise for you. I am going to share a special matrix that will help you juggle more work in the future. Below is a matrix that Ty Moser shared with me when I started and I have continued to use it. It brings sanity to the difficulties of deciding whether you should do a project or not. 


Here is what the Excel spreadsheet looks like:


Download the File Here


Read the nuances carefully:

  • At the top, you will see Disqualifiers versus Opportunities. In our haste and waste, how often do we think about how wonderful our project will be and avoid thinking about the things that could go wrong or disqualify the project immediately? Quite often for me. This pause makes you look at the high-level reality first.
  • The far-left column has the Qualifiers that we want in our project including some very important items: Customer Relationship, Competition, External Obstacles, Strategic Value, etc. These thirteen criteria force you to consider all the parts of the project and also keeps you from skipping the details.
  • Each of these qualifiers is defined and placed in three columns from 10 – 1. The white squares along the top are the Rank. The Weight is measured by the white numbers in the white squares. 


This is a simple but detailed way to think carefully before you jump. If you are interested in the link for this rubric, please contact us


Lou Russell

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